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The soil in Bandung Regency is relatively fertile, as the result of Java sedimentation weathering, breks-itufa, and volcanoes arreas is in the form of preserved forests, recreational forests, plantations (tea and quinine) Whereas areas around foot of montains are used to cultivate horticultural plants (especially vegetables), tea plantations and mixed estates.

The area of the Regency of Bandung is a mountainous area, located between 107022’ – 10805’ east longitude and 604’ – 7019’ south longitude, with an elevation of 110 meter up to 2.429 meter on sea’s surface.

This area has a tropical climate, which has some influences of mountainous range climate with humid and cool air. The average daily temperature in lower area is ranges between 300 Celsius, and in higher area between 150 until 180 Celsius.

The width of the regency of Bandung area is about 309.20793 Ha, with the borders as follows :

     1. Northern sight. Adjacent to the regency of
         Purwakarta and the regency of Subang.
     2. West sight. Adjacent to the regency of Garut.
     3. South sight. Adjacent to the regency of Garut
         and the regency of Cianjur.
     4. East sight. Adjacent to the regency of Sumedang.

This area is surrounded by mountainous areas, such as; Malabar Mountain, Tangkubanparahu Mountain, Bukittunggul Mountain, Manglayang mountain, Papandayan Mountain, and Patuha Mountain. This natural situation, makes it possible for many rivers to flow through this area, such as; Citarum river, Cisangkuy river, and the other rivers which are very important for agriculture and a rich source of energy, and making use for Saguling and Cirata dam.


The regency of Bandung is surrounding the municipality the capital of West Java, Bandung City, as the center of the government of West Java. Accordingly, it becomes an important supporting area to the capital of West Java. This special position of this area makes it important and strategic, either in development of economy and infrastructure or in security.

  This specific condition, in return, gives a specific function to the regency of Bandung and give motivation and demand in its development effort and achieving the goal of Autonomy Pilot Project in the regency of Bandung in particular and Indonesia tourism in general.

Regency of Bandung constitutes a basin in Bandung plateau which morphologically consists of flat and mountainous areas. The inclination of the slopes varies from 0.8%, 2-15 to over 45 %.

There are 172 rivers in Bandung Regency, 30-40% of which have water all year long, such as Citarum and Cisangkuy which are exploited for several purposes the irrigation, Drinking Water Resource and Hydroelectric Power Station.

Infrastructures and facilities available as the outcome of the first long term development also contribute to the succes of the development of transportation infrastructures also supports the economic growth rate in Bandung Regency. Until 1996 the transportation infrastructure in Bandung regency included state road as long as 59,935 km, provincial road 173.110 km, regency road 339.032 km and village road 714.776 km. The infrastructure which connect a sub district city and villages are in good condition and be passed through by cars and motorcycles.



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